chaga mushroom – Inonotus Obliquus

Where and Whom to Sell Chaga Birch Mushroom

Do you already harvest Chaga Birch Mushroom or simply considering the options of whether to start gathering, but are faced with a dilemma - where and who you will sell it to?

Our company offers you a prospect of becoming our supplier. We are looking for reliable and resolute individuals eager to gather Chaga Birch Mushroom. Cooperation with our company as a matter of fact implies, that the question of "where and whom to sell Chaga Birch Mushroom?" will never occur. Instead you will be asking yourself how to harvest the best quality Chaga Birch Mushroom in greater amount.

Requirements to Chaga Suppliers

We tend to be very precise and thorough when it comes to choosing our suppliers.

High Quality of Raw Material

High quality is undoubtably the key and most crucial criterion for us. Raw Chaga Birch Mushroom with signs of mold is immediately rejected as defective at the first stage of examination. Don't even bother bringing it to us, because we personally check EVERY package to ensure its appropriateness for further processing.

The quality of the products supplied, must be in accordance with the Russian GOST standards, which is to be proved by the relevant certificates of compliance, sanitary and epidemiological reports for the safety of the foods.

Efficiency of Supplies

The time frames and amount could be stipulated in advance.


A supplier is bound to accept the products back in case they fail to comply with the standard requirements for quality.

Purchase of Chaga Birch Mushroom

We will purchase your Chaga Birch Mushroom with the current market price, provided the product satisfies the aforementioned conditions. The price for a supply will depend on the quality and amount of your product.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.