chaga mushroom – Inonotus Obliquus

Chagasale, LLC offers to establish mutually beneficial partnership on the following grounds:

  • either wholesale or retail choice of supply and delivery;
  • exclusively high standard of the products;
  • availability of the products irrespective of seasonal fluctuations;
  • regular flow of supplies to any part of Russia or the world;
  • the terms for the partnership are laid down to comply with the individual demands of the current and would-be clients;
  • competitive prices and flexibility;
  • precision in carrying out the liabilities timely and in full scope.

Chaga — russian superfood

Our Advantages:

  • the products are harvested in the ecologically safe regions of Russia;
  • the prudent and trustworthy personnel provide accurate response to any requirement;
  • the leading role on the market based on experience;
  • cooperation with either legal entities or individuals;
  • product supply and delivery across Russia and as well as its export to the CIS, Europe and Asia;
  • the arrangement of the products to suit specific needs of each customer.