chaga mushroom – Inonotus Obliquus

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Dry Chaga Birch Siberian Mushroom: 4 lbs = 1,81 kg. Certified Inonotus Obliquus

Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that this last year, ”ARGO, LLC“ ( has expanded its services and begun trading with not only wholesale purchasers, but retailers as well.

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The minimum amount of order is 500g (17,6 oz. / 1,1 lb.). Delivery across the Russian Federation territory is carried out by the Post of Russia and is due on the day following the confirmation of the order.

Methods of Payment:

100% prepayment

50% prepayment, the rest 50% — upon receipt

Payment with cash on delivery

Delivery of the product in small amount to China, Vietnam, South Korea, and other countries is done by EMS with a 100% preliminary payment.

Chaga Birch Mushroom Quality

Chaga Birch Mushroom is harvested in ecologically safe regions of Russia exclusively. The implementation of high-tech equipment guarantees purity and healthiness of the raw materials. The dry raw materials contain up to 20% of extractives and 17% of moisture. Only parts of the highest quality and value are selected to be used in the product.

Order Chaga Birch Mushroom from Russia

Hand Harvesting and Processing!