chaga mushroom – Inonotus Obliquus

Chaga Export from Russia

Our company exports Chaga Birch Mushroom from Russia to any country around the world.

International supply and delivery appears to be highly promising and quickly developing source of trade. If required, we shall take responsibility for working through and arranging the logistics of delivery of the product.

Chaga Birch Mushroom Export

We currently export Chaga Birch Mushroom to Europe (including both EU member states and non-EU countries), the CIS, Australia and Canada. There happens to be rather a substantial demand for Chaga Birch Mushroom in China, South Korea and Vietnam. We provide all the supporting documents necessary for the delivery of the product within a country as well as for its export.

The export price depends on the amount of the delivery, the actual state of the product (whether it is a whole one piece, grind, powder or extract), package, speed and way of delivery.

For any questions, please contact us directly or leave a request on our website. We can also estimate for you the anticipated costs for a pending order of the product and its delivery.

chaga Export