chaga mushroom – Inonotus Obliquus

Looking for Partners

Our company is interested in finding new partners to establish mutually beneficial relations.

Our prevailing focus is on setting up ties with partners from Eastern and Western Europe and Asia.

We shall deal with both small and big companies and individuals.

Partnership Options:

  • if you represent a factory, we shall arrange steady lines of supplies of high quality products on industrial scale from Russia directly to you;
  • if you have your end market, we shall provide assistance to widen your product line, thus you will gain increase in profits;
  • you could launch an online store, and cater your region with healthy and ecologically safe products;
  • if by now, you already have consistent lines of supplies to either region, we offer you to take the role of a middleman in terms of preparation and filing the necessary documents to facilitate international interactions.

Partnership Gains:

– Logistics

We shall help to build up the logistics of supply and delivery, and acceptance of the products.

– Lead Generation

We shall help you find and integrate into a new market, let alone choose, sort out and set on going the most effective means for generating leads, taking into consideration the specifics of your region.

– Regional Exclusiveness

By having signed the partnership agreement in either of the regions, we are bound to direct all the incoming requests from this particular region precisely to the partner, who conducts business there, thus enabling them to have full freedom to decide on the best and most appropriate business techniques while acting on our behalf.

– Information Support

We are happy to share our experience with you and are here to assist you in dealing with various questions or predicaments you might encounter in course of your business. We may hold consultations via mail, Skype, phone, Viber, etc. We would like to ensure you, that none of your questions will remain unanswered.

Requirements to Partners

We believe it is paramount to secure stable and balanced partnership relations, as well as to make sure they stay profitable and rewarding.

Apparently our partners are expected to lay the same stress and approach in leading business.

Reliability and Respect

One of the cornerstones of healthy partnership is to divide and share responsibilities. We are keen on those individuals and companies, who prove to be dependable and worthy of trust notwithstanding that it might affect the profitability of a deal. Our partners are frank and straightforward with us, respectful towards the consumers, and act within the laws of their countries.